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Win attention and new business.

Simplify your conquest strategy and take advantage of the industry’s latest, cutting edge, high-performance digital advertising solutions.
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Precision Targeting

Target online car shoppers, in a specified location, your own website visitors and even your competitor’s customers.

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Creative and Ad Formats

Connect with customers with a variety of beautiful, eye-catching and engaging ad formats that match the goals of your campaign.

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Diverse Delivery

Connect with customers across the digital universe: Social Media and thousands of white listed and premium websites.

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Generate Results

Increase your brand awareness.
Build customer recognition.
Engage with buyers.
Sell more vehicles.

Conquest Tactical

Our primary digital advertising solution for dealers, dealer groups, or marketing managers, Conquest Tactical provides the best way to consistently drive new website and floor traffic to your showroom.

Conquest Tactical is an on-going monthly marketing program aimed at reaching more of your target audience, in more places, more often, using targeted digital advertising.

We've got several programs based on the goals of your business.

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Conquest Events

Conquest Events can provide an additional boost to your Conquest Tactical marketing using a time-sensitive offer, effective tools to engage potential leads and impeccably designed landing pages to boost the conversion of lead to purchase.

A combination of our tried and true Loyalty Events and our Conquest Tactical offering, these events, offered strategically, are designed to incentivize in-market buyers to purchase now using behaviorally targeted digital advertising.

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