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Shift Marketing: A Case Study

Shift Marketing aims to maximize the quantity and quality of leads delivered, while utilizing the industry’s best digital lead generation experiences to engage clients. A perfect example of the great results clients of Shift experience, is shown below.


Ford Dealership in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada.

This loyal Shift Marketing client has averaged 3 campaigns per year for the last several years. Their recently completed Upgrade Sale campaign (in May 2018) was a huge success, generating a significant volume of high quality leads and units sold.

Campaign Analysis


5,189 database prospects were isolated using Shift’s AI enabled proprietary lead scoring algorithm. Shift’s algorithm isolates customers in the dealer’s database that are most likely to respond, saving the dealer time and money.


5,189 prospects were contacted via direct mail. 2,158 of those who received the direct mail also received an email and an sms text. 

Lead Generation

Of the 5,189 prospects, 526 prospects entered in their unique promo code on the campaign landing pages. This represents an incredible overall response rate of 10.14%.

1,270 of the total 2,158 email recipients opened the email. This 41.6% email open rate is impressive, as the average email open rate across all industries is 20.81% (MailChimp).

The leads rate, which refers to the percentage of prospects that completed the entire lead generation process, was 7.84%, or 407 leads. 121 of those leads completed the registration process after being served an email or text and 286 after receiving the letter. 407 leads from 526 responses represents an incredible conversion rate of 77.38%.


Ultimately, this Ford dealership booked 111 appointments and sold 85 car sales for an outstanding campaign. The estimated gross profit for this campaign reached $255,000 or a whopping return on investment 1,689%.

How did Shift help produce these results?

Shift is dedicated to saving dealer time and money, engaging clients with beautiful and fun digital customer experiences that maximize lead generation and cars sold.

Once isolated using Shift’s lead scoring algorithm, Shift’s landing pages tend to ‘pull’ clients through the lead generation process and encourage interest in upgrading. The communication and landing pages are also tailored to that individual using personalization throughout the process. Moreover, beautiful, user-friendly design provides strong credibility to the client, reduces the cognitive load and makes the process feel much less like an uncomfortable sales pitch. These factors are a unique hallmark of Shift’s customer experience focused, digital loyalty marketing campaigns.

Want to learn more? Book a demo, we would be happy to share how we can do the same for you.

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