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How to Revamp your Marketing Strategy

Your dealership has employed the same marketing tactics as it did 20+ years ago. Does this sentence resonate with you? If it does, you definitely aren’t alone, but you probably would like to see a little change in your dealership’s marketing strategy. After all, dealerships, like every other workplace, need to adapt “to new technologies, changing consumer preferences and demographic trends” (Autonews). So, here are a few ways you can work to revamp your dealership’s marketing strategy:

  1. Be a Champion for Change

Change can be scary for a lot of people especially if the tried and true marketing plan has consistently seen impressive results. As Rosabeth Kanter suggests. “If change feels like walking off a cliff blindfolded, then people will reject it” (Harvard Business Review). To make people more at ease with idea of a change, approach them in a positive and well-informed way, and anticipate any objections they may have. In other words, be a champion for the change you are trying to enact.

  1. Build a Compelling Business Case

Pull together some data and some examples and put together a compelling case for some fresh marketing tactics. A well thought out business case that shows exactly how the tactics will benefit the dealership are sure to impress even the biggest of skeptics!

  1. Play Around

Has your dealership given you the go ahead to start testing your new marketing strategy? If so, start playing around with some of your ideas and see what results you get. You can even do a little in-house analysis gathering some of your peers to get some preliminary feedback before rolling out the strategy (The Digital Hyve).

  1. Do your Research

Have you seen what’s out there? Have you checked out the competition? There may be marketing tactics you have never even considered that could take your dealership to the next level!

If you want to enact marketing change but don’t know where to start, you can always leave it to us! Check out the video below and let us help you!


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