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4 Ways to Thank Your Customers

Do you thank your customers after they purchase through you? If not, then it’s definitely something you should consider doing! Studies suggest that “The ROI when you thank your customers is inextricably linked to the ROI of word-of-mouth marketing” (HelpScout). Take full advantage of word-of-mouth marketing by incorporating these 4 thank you ideas into how you conduct business:

  1. Send them a personalized email

Personalized emails perform much better than standard emails. In fact, “Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%” (via Campaign Monitor). Including names and other indications of personalization like the car they purchased can help your customer feel more connected to you and can result in a future repeat purchase.

  1. Send them a hand-written letter

Talk about personalization! A hand-written letter or card shows your customer that you made an extra effort to thank them for their business. As the Harvard Business Review suggests that handwritten thank you cards “indicate investment, and that very costliness indicates value” (via AutoRaptor). People will appreciate the investment both from a time and cost perspective.

  1. Stock up on gift cards

Gift cards can get extremely pricey especially if you’re making a lot of sales every week. However, even a $5 one to Tim Hortons will be appreciated by your customers as a little way to say thank you. You can also buy more expensive cards to the LCBO for example to thank your preferred clients.

  1. Buy something specific

Really listen to your customers and try making small talk about things other than cars. By doing this, you’ll get to know them, and you’ll be better equipped to send them something specific. For example, by engaging in small talk, you might find out that your customer loves a certain coffee shop, food item, or restaurant. Knowing that, you can get them a gift that’s specific to their interests which will make you seem thoughtful!

The proper thank you can help contribute to your sales and may even get you more customers. The little things you do can contribute to a better sales experience and will help retain your client base. To read more about other sales tips, check out our other blog post.

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