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3 Reasons Why Social Media Matters for Auto Dealers

We don’t need to tell you that social media is huge in today’s world. What once started as a way to keep in touch with friends and make new connections has now expanded as a very important marketing tool for businesses.

There is a huge opportunity for auto dealers in particular using social media with 22% of car buyers using it to shop for a new car and 34% posting a photo of their new vehicle upon purchasing (D. Power 2016 New Autoshopper Study).

Still not convinced? Here are three top reasons why social media matters for auto dealers:

  1. A Search Engine for the Under 35

Studies have shown that 56% of people under the age of 35 use digital channels like social media, websites, and search engines to research products and services (Bsquared). Although more common search engines like Google top social media for online search, having a social media presence helps spread the word on your company and may strengthen your search results. Have you ever, for example, googled the name of a company only to see their Facebook page or Instagram account come up as one of the first few results? Our point exactly! Having a social media account can only strengthen your online presence, which will help people find your services.

  1. A New Way to Advertise

It’s so easy to just stick with the tried and true advertising methods that your dealership has used year after year. Why change? Why not stick to the same radio spot that has been proven to attract customers? Although radio is still a great marketing outlet for dealerships, Facebook and Instagram ads can also work wonders for customer acquisition. During a pilot study last year, dealerships who ran Facebook ads saw 11.8% more leads, 32% more vehicle details page views, and 21% more visits than other dealers in the same region who did not partake in the pilot (Dealer.com). The advertising opportunity on social media is impressive, and it will continue to expand and evolve as new platforms and capabilities are introduced. That’s why it’s of vital importance that you think of social ads when developing your dealership’s marketing strategy!

  1. A Competitive Edge

Both the above reasons really contribute to this last one. Being active on social media will give your dealership a competitive edge. You’ll have a better chance of coming up in online searches and you’ll have the opportunity to advertise beyond more traditional forms of media. Plus, your dealership will be seen as cooler and more up-to-date than other dealerships not on social.

For all these reasons and countless more, we strongly recommend you work with your dealership to become active on social media. Once you are, like our page and follow us! We would love to connect with you and follow your social journey!

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